Frisco Photos

The San Francisco sun was gorgeous on the Golden Gate Bridge today.  I took these shots with the cell phone as we crossed.  We were passing through a work of art.

We also went past San Quentin Prison, which reminded me of Johnny Cash.  Also today I rode a cable car for the very first time in my life, happily tourista.  I spend a lot of time talking about how book tour is wall-to-wall, and mostly it is.  Spent most of today from pre-dawn catching airplanes, running around signing books, giving readings, shaking hands, and etc., but now and then the schedule allows me a couple of hours off, and that happened today.  A big thanks to my hosts Chris and Charlee, who served up a slice of San Francisco (especially the lights at night) I will carry with me on down the road and all the way back to the chicken coop on the hill.

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