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Lake Hallie Stories

When Wisconsin Historical Society Press asked me to describe this book I said:

“From taverns to kitchen tables to septic tanks to hospital bedsides, Patti See is a careful, clear-eyed observer. These stories are heartbreakers, they’re knee-slappers, and always–always–they are woven with tenderness and love.”

And I meant it. Of course you can always get my attention with a good septic tank story.

More here. Bonus salute: Chippewa County!

Marking It Up

This is me revising a manuscript. Toward the end, in the polishing stage. When it’s down to tweaking a word or a syllable, trying out different looks, sounds, rhythms, meanings. The only downside is I never feel like I’m done. Always want one more pass.

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Michael Perry: Motivation from a speaker? I’ll bite

Every week the Wisconsin State Journal runs “Roughneck Grace,” a weekly column written by Mike (often adapted as Mike’s Tent Show Radio monologues). This week’s column ‘Michael Perry: Motivation from a speaker? I’ll bite can be see online here.

This Week’s Tent Show Radio: Best of the 2021 Blue Canvas Orchestra

Check out Mike (Twitter: @SneezingCow) hosting Tent Show Radio (Twitter: @tentshowradio). This week on Tent Show Radio, experience 35 years of love featuring the best of the 2021 Blue Canvas Orchestra.

Michael Perry shares his humor and stories throughout as you enjoy another great musical experience on the Big Top stage (Twitter: @BigBlueTent). If you prefer to watch this and previous episodes, follow this link for all the available viewing options.

Michael Perry hosts episode 22-21.

Stream it here along with Tent Show Radio episodes.

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