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Mike’s ability to spin his 20+ books and wide range of life experiences into humorous and heartfelt live presentations have put him in great demand as a public speaker. In addition to his one-man theater shows, Mike has delivered entertaining keynote addresses at conferences for software companies, hospitals and health care organizations, fire and EMS providers, farming and agricultural groups, national and regional utility cooperatives, business and economic development entities, governmental agencies, mental health organizations, dental hygienists, faith-based organizations, logging conventions, book festivals, MFA programs, libraries, and countless others. If you’re interested in retaining Mike for your event, please contact his booking agent here.

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Free Episode of Michael Perry’s Voice Mail #212: Tractor Time

…one more round.

Howdy folks:

Welcome to Michael Perry’s Voice Mail, episode 211. This one’s available to free and paid subscribers alike. Click this link to listen.

Last week I climbed into a big ol’ tractor and helped my brother with the planting (short video here). I was in a troubled state of mind, and that tractor helped. It also brought back a flood of memories, many of which I revisited in the book Coop, the memoir from which today’s reading selection is taken. Above all, I was a fortunate boy. And last week on that tractor I once again felt like that fortunate boy.

Thank you for listening. See y’next week.



This Week’s Tent Show Radio: Three Episodes

Check out Mike (FacebookInstagram / Twitter / Threads) hosting Tent Show Radio. This week there are 3 episodes!

During intermission Michael Perry shares a humorous or heartfelt (or both) story drawn from his beloved books and offbeat life experiences.

Episode 1 pays tribute to the late John Prine with highlights of some of his best performances under the Big Top. You can steam that episode here.

Episode 2 features the critically acclaimed, chart-topping, international outfit Gaelic Storm, bringing their unique, high-energy Celtic sound to the Big Top stage. Have a listen here.

In Episode 3 experience the show that started it all as Big Top’s famed house band the Blue Canvas Orchestra present “Riding The Wind.” Created in 1985 by Warren Nelson and Betty Ferris, “Riding The Wind” was the first show performed on the Big Top Stage and 38 years later it remains a season highlight. You can listen to the episode here.

Follow this link for all the available viewing options.

Stream all 3 episodes here along with other Tent Show Radio episodes.

Tent show Radio is broadcast each week on many fine independent stations, which can be found here:

Danger Fingers

Sometimes when I see a picture of me yapping I can tell exactly what part of what story I was telling. Here I am referring to the fellow on the cover of Danger: Man Working (he’s doing something dangerous with dangerous machinery) and how he was one of those old-timers I knew growing up who when you asked him, “Bob, what’s 2+3?” these were the fingers he held up.

Michael Perry on THE CULTURE BUZZ – The Jesus Cow

Michael Perry joined THE CULTURE BUZZ with John Busbee.

Michael Perry, New York Times bestselling author, humorist, singer/songwriter, and amateur snow plow driver, dips his pen into his well of creative ink for The Jesus Cow, a novel about the sudden change in the life of Harley Jackson. Irresistible fun.

“A fun commentary on small-town America and today’s insatiable appetite for goofy stories to fill the Web.”
— New York Post (Required Reading — lead pick)

You can listen to the interview here.