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“Roughneck Grace” Sound in the night may be what you fear

Every week the Wisconsin State Journal runs “Roughneck Grace,” a weekly column written by Mike (many of the columns will be adapted from Mike’s Tent Show Radio monologues). This week’s column, titled “Sound in the night may be what you fear” can be seen online here.

The Hustle, Episode #222,222

That’s a whole lotta books signed, stories told, songs sung, hands shook, merch boxes lugged, gear packed and unpacked, soundchecks checked, gas station coffee, and just general truckin’.

Thank you, 2002 Toyota Sienna with two hubcaps on the other side:

Still some room for all the book boxes.

Then there was the time the gas tank fell off:

Note special secondhand black door handle which helps you find it amongst all the other silver Toyota vans in the Walmart parking lot.

Full gas tank story after the break. (more…)

Where It All Began

From Coop:

In time I began to recognize letters and make attempts at small words, so Mom sent away to a Chicago newspaper for a phonics book. When it arrived, she started at the beginning and worked through page by page…

Dug the remnants of that phonics book out of a box in the barn recently:

Mighty powerful to imagine Mom patiently guiding me through the colored panels on a trip I’m still taking. Once you have learned a vowel…