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Holiday Shipping

Howdy folks.

It’s that time of year again. Our shipping crew wanted us to let you know that any merchandise ordered from the Sneezing Cow Store should arrive by Christmas if you place your order by December 9th.

From all of us, thank you for your support all these years and we hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

– Mike and the Sneezing Cow crew

Literary Lyrics and See You In Minneapolis


Congratulations to Maggie Ginsberg on the publication of her novel “Still True,” about which more here. And thank you to Maggie for turning one of my song lyrics into an epigraph for the book. I’m always surprised and happy for the ways our works can echo and ripple.

Last I checked “Newfangled Cowboy Way” isn’t on the setlist for this Saturday’s Michael Perry and the Long Beds concert in Minneapolis because I haven’t practiced it forever, but if you make it to the show and holler it out I could maybe waller through it, see what happens. Tickets still available, info here, we’d love to see you. I do fine, but the band? The band is terrific.

This Week’s Tent Show Radio: Michael Perry

Check out Mike (Twitter: @SneezingCow) doing double duty as both host and featured artist for this week’s Tent Show Radio (Twitter: @tentshowradio), episode 22-49.

Enjoy a full episode featuring the best of host Michael Perry (Twitter: @SneezingCow). A celebrated New York Times best-selling author, musician, and humorist, Michael Perry shares tales of life in Wisconsin with an eye toward how his stories of the past connect us to the future.

Michael Perry shares humorous stories throughout on the Big Top stage (Twitter: @BigBlueTent). If you prefer to watch this and previous episodes, follow this link for all the available viewing options.

Stream it here along with other Tent Show Radio episodes.

Tent show Radio is broadcast each week on many fine independent stations, which can be found here: