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Mike’s ability to spin his 20+ books and wide range of life experiences into humorous and heartfelt live presentations have put him in great demand as a public speaker. In addition to his one-man theater shows, Mike has delivered entertaining keynote addresses at conferences for software companies, hospitals and health care organizations, fire and EMS providers, farming and agricultural groups, national and regional utility cooperatives, business and economic development entities, governmental agencies, mental health organizations, dental hygienists, faith-based organizations, logging conventions, book festivals, MFA programs, libraries, and countless others. If you’re interested in retaining Mike for your event, please contact his booking agent here.

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SPECIAL OFFER: Michael Perry’s Voice Mail

SPECIAL OFFER: Mike’s latest Voice Mail (episode #178) is for paid subscribers only. However, if you email [email protected] and include “sample episode please” in the subject line or body of the text, the Sneezing Cow tech team will provide you 7 days access to this and all back episodes of Voice Mail (as we prefer, no credit card is required).


In this episode I read a passage from my next book manuscript (the long overdue one about dads and daughters). I’m on track to turn in the draft next month—here’s hopin,’ and here’s typin’.

The section I’ve chosen relays the story of the conversation I had with the very first young man to ever drive my daughter out the driveway on a date. I hope you find it entertaining, and I hope you hear my heart in it.

This episode’s marginalia is from another book about dads and daughters, A Man Walks Into a Barn, by Chad Oldfather. (Also available through BookShop, supporting independent booksellers.)

For my books (including Forty Acres Deep), music, live humor recordings, T-shirts, and other tchotchkes, please visit the Sneezing Cow store.

“Somewhere South of Sunday” Live at The Stoughton Opera House

Back in 2022 Mike and the Long Beds rambled down to The Stoughton Opera house to share Mike’s songs (described as “roughneck ballads and freight train rockers”) and hilarious off-the-cuff tales of a Wisconsin farm kid turned cowboy turned nurse turned best selling author and humorist (as featured on the recent PBS special Michael Perry: On the Road).

The great folks in Stoughton filmed the show, including this rendition of Mike’s tune “Somewhere South of Sunday.” As you’ll see, the band always has fun with this one–especially when Mike sings about crying in his beer (he’s never had a beer), the “MAN ALIVE!” bit (which was not in the original lyrics but grew out of a chance holler), and that showdown at the end to see who can hold the final note the longest.

Both Mike and the band return to the Opera House in 2024. You can enjoy Mike’s solo humor show Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 7:30 PM (grab your tickets here) and then see the Long Beds on Thursday, April 18, 2024 at 7:30 PM (grab your tickets here). If you’ve never experienced a show at The Stoughton Opera House, it definitely needs to be on your list of classic Wisconsin theaters (a highlight of Mike’s year was explaining to a Hollywood producer over Zoom that, yes, we have opera houses in Wisconsin).

If you want to catch the band sooner than next year, roll on up to Minneapolis for their November 12th show at Icehouse MPLS (event details can be found here).

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This Week’s Tent Show Radio: Madison Cunningham and The Foxgloves

Check out Mike (FacebookInstagram / Twitter) hosting Tent Show Radio (Twitter: @BigBlueTent). This week’s episode features Madison Cunningham (Twittter: @madicunningham) and The Foxgloves\.

Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Madison Cunningham takes a literate, harmonically nuanced approach to folk and pop music. She first grabbed attention with the release of her debut EP, Love, Lose, Remember in 2017. Expanding upon her textured, sometimes jazz-inflected indie folk, her first full-length, Who Are You Now, arrived in 2019 and her sophomore album, 2022’s Revealer earned Cunningham her first Grammy award for Best Folk Album. Rolling Stone describes Cunningham’s sound as “a new spin on West Coast folk-rock, with classical tendencies, electric guitars, jazz-school chord changes and alt-rock strut all living beneath the same roof.” Her unique melodies, elastic voice, honest storytelling, and deft approach to the electric guitar, quickly earned her a dedicated fan base and saw her open shows for notable artists like Harry Styles, Punch Brothers, and Lake Street Dive.

The Foxgloves are an all-female Americana band from the Twin Cities featuring Maura Dunst (Vocals/Fiddles/Mandolin), Liz DeYoe (Guitar), Steph Snow (Vocals/Ukulele/Banjo), Nikki Lemire (Vocals/Harp), Sara Tinklenberg (Vocals/Percussion), and Nyssa Krause (Bass). With songs you won’t be able to stop humming. Their engaging presence, rich instrumentation, compelling storytelling songwriting, four-part harmonies, and creatively reimagined covers render them a force to be reckoned with. This powerful band is making moves you’ll want to witness. A little bit of country, a little bit of folk, a little bit of classical, and a whole lot of heart — your toes will tap of their own accord.

This episode features recordings from The Foxgloves’ July 2022 performance and Madison Cunningham’s August 2022 performance under the tent.

During intermission Michael Perry shares a humorous or heartfelt (or both) story drawn from his beloved books and offbeat life experiences.

Follow this link for all the available viewing options.

Stream it here along with other Tent Show Radio episodes.

Tent show Radio is broadcast each week on many fine independent stations, which can be found here:

La Crosse Sellout

NOTE FROM SNEEZING COW UPPER MANAGEMENT: Tonight’s show at the Pump House in La Crosse is SOLD OUT. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of Mike at an English wedding in the 1980s.

Free Episode: Voice Mail #177 “St. Jude and Drew and Me”

There he is.

Howdy folks: Welcome to Michael Perry’s Voice Mail, episode 177. This one’s available to free and paid subscribers alike. Click this link to listen, see all the other photos, and video of me doing “open mic” in front of 20,000 people.

Episode includes me revealing why little ol’ agnostic me is a St. Jude fan, why I find poetry in words like supplication, how chance encounters and friendships echo long beyond the moment at hand, and how the simple gift of a journal led to words shared with thousands. And above all, how grateful I am to be allowed this erratic knockabout reflective life.

Thanks to the whole bunch of you. This episode’s essay is from Million Billion. For all the books and whatnot, please visit the Sneezing Cow store. See y’down the road, Mike

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