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Tent Show Radio Tonight: Horse Shoes & Hand Grenades

If you’re within range of (or can stream) one of these stations tonight (Saturday, February 26th) we hope you’ll join Mike as he hosts another edition of Tent Show Radio from Big Top Chautauqua.  This week’s show features musical guest Horse Shoes & Hand Grenades.

You can join the Tent Show Radio Facebook page here, and many previous Tent Show Radio episodes available for streaming anytime – just click here. 

Why, Despite My Affection for High-End Coffee Drinks and Boutique Hotel Lobbies, I Will Never Be Fully Gentrified

Yah, ‘cuz “a few days” spent on a photo shoot with them dern country folk earns you the right to drop yer gerunds.

(Broken in, so you won’t have to weary yourself.)

Also, do you even know what “rustlin'” means? (Hint: STEALING LIVESTOCK.)

Climbing off my high horse (a stubby grumpy donkey, really) to be fair (and I’m serious here): MADE IN USA. So in an instance of unironic irony, this refined purveyor and its customers are actually supporting those good ol’ American values we hear so much about (and that are unintentionally lampooned in the ad copy). I salute them, and should get back to work myself. Hugs all around.

But give me a minute.

“Roughneck Grace” Getting what we both deserve

Every week the Wisconsin State Journal runs “Roughneck Grace,” a weekly column written by Mike (many of the columns will be adapted from Mike’s Tent Show Radio monologues). Today’s column, “getting what we both deserve” can be seen online here.