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Thank You and Thank You

Someone sent me two photos from the set the Long Beds and I played in the park last week to support the ALS benefit. The photos remind me to thank all the volunteers and fundraisers again, but also to thank my band. We are bandmates, but have also become friends. If that sounds redundant, it’s not. When they show up and join me for a show like this, it warms my heart. Thanks, fellers.

Recent Performance Photos

Photographer Dick Ainsworth took some photos of my recent shows in Mineral Point (with the band) and in Stoughton (solo monologue).

Thank You Nobbern and Long Beds

Shot the breeze with long-time neighbors last night, played music with friends, and just plain enjoyed going home. All for a good cause. Thank you to everyone who made the time and took the trip. Special thank-yous to the Long Beds, who donated their time and considerable talents, and to Sir Arthur’s Court-tet, who opened for us. Beautiful anthem, fellows.

And – if you were there you’ll understand – from now on I’ll call it quasi-cappella.

Also a thanks to Dan, who was there sweeping up the popcorn when I packed the last box in the car and headed south.