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Bootlegged Thanks

Thanks for all the “Bootlegged” orders, folks. It’s a lo-fi and on-the-fly live recording of a show the Long Beds and I did at the Big Top. Includes some stories in between songs including the one about me drawing blood from Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) on behalf of Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips) because, I…I…well, sometimes you gotta help the neighbors.

In Eau Claire Today, 3 p.m.

Mike will be reading (some from yet unpublished work) and taking questions and signing whatever y’got (within legal reason) at Volume One store in Eau Claire today. Details here.

Posts From the Box: Literate Veterinarians and Spooneristic Librarians

Even at my non-famous level (9 out of 10 times no one recognizes me at the Farm & Fleet) (and then half the time it’s a relative, neighbor, or Moose Country 106.7 listener), my calendar is such that I meet many, many thoughtful people in passing and simply cannot do justice to their kindnesses or adequately recognize their hard work or support their latest project the way they might hope. I keep a box of books and notes and CDs and miscellaneous objects given to me on the road, and when I can I jot a note or make a mention. Thus, Posts from the Box.

Over the years I’ve received emails, music, and blue-collar handshakes from a tall guy who turns out to be a veterinarian and has just published his first book, more about which right here.

And then the other night after dinner we had a full table of family (hello, Colorado crew!) and everyone (from youngest tot to oldest, ahem, bald-headed dad) was giggling and laughing as I read “Little Rude Riding Head,” “Bean and the Jackstalk,” and “Dincerella,” from a book by this guy.

Me and Mark Zuckerberg

Howdy folks: Facebook continues to make it tougher and tougher to reach you (this is not whining, they are a business, things change) (plus “The Zuck” and Mike have always had a terrific relationship, once they got past that unfortunate late-night pre-Facebook fencing incident in Harvard Yard) (Mark brought a foil, Mike brought a post-pounder) (understandable misunderstanding) so if you haven’t, and you don’t mind, we sure do request that you sign up for our mailing list, which allows us to maintain contact and communication the old fashioned way. Here it is (including an explanation of how we will and won’t use your info).

Long Beds Live Album Now Available for Pre-Order

Bootlegged at the Big Top Hi Res

This album was recorded lo-fi and on the fly beneath a gigantic blue tent filled with good people perched high above Lake Superior on a night when the Apostle Islands appeared as black holes in a reflection of the Milky Way. Fancy wasn’t on the set list, but music, stories, laughter and applause were, and we’re happy to share it just as it happened: imperfectly, joyfully, and gratefully.

Track listing and ordering info here.

Also available, the Long Beds bundle (40%) savings: