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Dishwasher Rules

Great discussion on Moose Country this morning about the proper way to load a dishwasher, which led me to revisit this “Roughneck Grace” column. (Note: the fellow on the radio actually based his advice on knowledge and experience, whereas my advice is based on grumpiness and nascent self-righteousness.) (Also offered with a sense of humor…you’d be surprised how many folks require this clarification.)

She Broke My Liver

Editing next novel, found 5 references to liver as center of emotion. Don’t know what I’m suppressing, but deleted 3.


Reader for 46 years, writer for 25, opened a Field Notes notebook today and discovered the word “Demonym.” Handy.

Driving Into the Musical Ditch

One of my favorite parts of “Bootlegged at the Big Top” is when I forget to go to the chorus of “How Many Miles,” and instead dive right into the bridge. The way you hear the band shift gears, catch me, and then drive on is the very reason that you get that little speech from me at most shows, the one where I get into the difference between MUSICIANS and Guy Who Knows Some Chords. Thank you, Long Beds!

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