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The Scavengers on TV

Thank you to Molly and Tiffany for allowing me back on The Morning Blend to discuss The Scavengers. Later on the show they were going to have a segment on how to make your hair shine–I couldn’t stick around for that, but was definitely interested. Does my shining head count?

Thank You Young Folks

OK. Taking a breath after running yapper all day. So many wonderful, engaged, inquisitive students I meet every day. Consider this a big thank you for the opportunity to share stories and imagination with you. I’m getting short on sleep but not short on hope.

Scavengers Tour Continues

Tonight: Barnes & Noble bookstore in Grand Chute, WI (near Appleton). (Little Chute, which is right up the road, is lovely, but I won’t be there–once got them reversed and showed up a tad late). Details here.

Encore Tent Show Tonight – Gaelic Storm

If you’re within range of one of these stations tonight (Saturday, September 13th) we hope you’ll join Mike as he hosts another edition of Tent Show Radio.  Information on streaming the show here.

In this episode’s monologue – delivered from the backstage dressing room with the one lonely little lightbulb burnin’ – Mike discusses his new t-shirt and the difference between geography and geology. 

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REMINDER: Most of this year’s previous Tent Show Radio episodes available for streaming anytime – just click here.