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I Knew The Poet Laureate When…

This Nickolas Butler profile (read it here) of Wisconsin Poet Laureate Nicholas Gulig made me feel old in the best way…took me back to being the farm kid writing bad…View post

Floating Memory

Never won a Pulitzer, but my book was in a parade. And memories like this are why I’ll never catch up on thank-yous.

Early Work

Third or fourth grade. I did a diorama book report on Moby Dick. Don’t recall if I read the whole book. Pretty good shot I did.

Goldangit, Sometimes…

…someone shares something with me and it quietly makes my day. So thanks to the person who alerted me to this.

It Wasn’t Me

That moment on book tour when you’re on your way to a county jail to discuss reading, writing, and self-employment with a group of men behind bars and this sign…View post