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Writer’s Manual

I’m not big into writing “tricks.” Mainly, you just do the work. But sometimes when I’m stuck I shut down the electronics, get out one of my manual typewriters, and bang away. No filter, no brakes, no backspace insta-edits. Just cover the paper with words. Long stretches of worthless clatter, sure, but invariably the dross…View post

DANGER: MAN WORKING (Introduction)

Pre-order this book now, right here. Introduction Every writer has advice for aspiring writers. Mine is predicated on formative years spent cleaning my father’s calf pens: Just keep shoveling until you’ve got a pile so big, someone has to notice. The fact that I cast my life’s work as slung manure simply proves that I…View post

Eau(x) Claire(s) History, My History

This is a beautifully written piece full of humor and heart that effectively leavens legend with reality. And the photos are lovely. See that one taken from the back of the Joynt? See the stained glass window to the left? That is where I got my MFA. As a lifelong nonsmoking teetotal, how lucky was…View post