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Good Things

My life has many good things in it, for which I am grateful. Sometimes there are pictures. Congratulations to Anastasia and Gabriel, winners of the Wisconsin Rapids (I was born there!) writing contest. We posed for a photo with Ford Falcon. The next day I spoke in Menasha and a woman asked me to sign…View post

Jim Harrison

For me it was Just Before Dark, The Woman Lit By Fireflies, and the poetry. I wrote this in 2010 and will let it stand today: Perhaps some day I will be able to write the piece that adequately explains the debt I owe Jim Harrison.  For now, it is enough to say that when…View post

Hanging Around My Hometown

How wonderful and humbling this is. My hometown high school arranged to have a case (made of 100-year-old barn wood) placed in the commons, then filled it with with my books and CDs. Wherever I’m standing when I say it, I am grateful to be of and from New Auburn, Wisconsin. I see they left a…View post


I tend to write like I talk, which is closer to my boots than my brain. As such (and despite the loving care of any number of despairing editors), I tend to run afoul of grammarians now and again (sometimes two or three weeks in a row). As I am on a lifelong quest for…View post