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I Saw Grammy in the Bathroom

This is the bathroom in the studio where we are currently recording the audiobook version of Visiting Tom. Yes, that’s a real toilet. Also, the Grammy. All employees must wash…View post

Audiobooks, Finally

Well, this is happy news. As many of you know, my regular announcements promising audiobook versions of my latest books have become a sort of inside joke – thus this…View post

Phuzzy Phone Pics

From an all-day session at the studio with the Long Beds (actually Molly came in a day later): After that last shot, when Chuck had cased up his secret weapon,…View post

Low End/Deep End

A portion of the studio where we’ve been recording is built over an old swimming pool.  Engineer Jaime discovered that if he suspended a microphone in the vast space below…View post

Fire Department to the Rescue

Long day of recording yesterday (Sunday).  Long Beds guitarist/keyboardist/MENSA-head Chris stayed overnight but forgot his suitcase in St. Paul.  Fortunately, I have a lot of extra fire department t-shirts.  The…View post