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Poverty, Zithers, Gaslighting, Sex, Religion, Chickens, and Montaigne

Montaigne in Barn Boots is going to paperback (your copy will be unbent), so it seemed a good time to revisit this Brevity interview in which I address everything in the headline and more. An excerpt: In fact he did have chickens. And pigs. Alain de Botton reckons Montaigne’s frankness about sex came from watching…View post

Montaigne and the Clodhopper Deal

There’s a reason we’re giving away a free copy of The Clodhopper Monologues with every pre-ordered paperback copy of Montaigne in Barn Boots. It has to do with me being fed up with all the anti-intellectual hoo-hah (as if those Founding Fathers we all love to cite in weren’t farmers deep into French philosophy; as if the…View post

Montaigne and Mercy

NOTE: The paperback version of “Montaigne in Barn Boots” is available from the online outlet of your choice (including signed copies) here (and early orders get a free copy of “The Clodhopper Monologues“). In light of how things (and authors) change (or stubbornly don’t) between the time a manuscript is completed, comes out in hardcover, and…View post