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Cool things readers do. Paint bricks to look like books. Include Coop. Thanks, Jane! (If yer not familiar, Coop is about pigs, chickens, farm life, faith wobbles, and birthing a…View post

Clodhopper Sportz

A moment of silence, if you will, for Great-Grandma’s 7 iron, which outlived her for a decade, but succumbed tonight during a vigorous round of clodhopper apple golf. Our loss…View post

Wasn’t S’posed to Rain

Doing major coop repairs (worst thing you can do to a building is let it sit empty) in preparation for a new generation of layers. Checked my weather app at…View post

Sometimes We Think Up Stuff On Our Own

Just overheardĀ a pair of New York City-based financial news commentators marveling over the rise of mobile butchers. They said the concept arose from the local food movement in Seattle and…View post