Golden in the Morning Lyrics

She is golden in the morning
She is sleeping in the sun
I am just another rough boy
I am my father’s footloose son
I am moving to the window
I am standing at the edge of day
And I am listening to her breathing
This little life, oh let it be.

I can hear her in the next room
Easy sounds of the everyday
She will find me when she finds me
Love me down and drift away
I am looking in the mirror
At a man bound to die
And I am listening for her heartbeat
This little life, passing by.


Last night some bloodstruck coyote
Froze me with his killing song
I stared up at the stars
Like the Ancient Ones
The circle
Rolls along

I will stand here right beside you
I will hold you in the dark
Put your shoulder to my shoulder
Put your hand across my heart

Vocals, lyrics, guitar: Michael Perry
Audio Engineer/Producer: Jaime Hansen, Wail House Studios.
c. 2011, Sneezing Cow Music