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ReVisiting Tom

Throughout The Jesus Cow tour, folks have been asking about Tom from Visiting Tom. My younger daughter and I visited him just the other day. We had a good visit in the kitchen. He’s doing well. He misses Arlene. Both things at once.

I’ve never had someone capture my feelings about a book the way Dan Huiting did in this video (and that DeYarmond Edison soundtrack is so sweetly matched):

And then there was the time someone asked Tom to shoot their silo down:

The Scavengers on TV

Thank you to Molly and Tiffany for allowing me back on The Morning Blend to discuss The Scavengers. Later on the show they were going to have a segment on how to make your hair shine–I couldn’t stick around for that, but was definitely interested. Does my shining head count?

The “Visiting Tom” Cannon Videos

Here’s the original book trailer (includes footage of Tom riding his bike to get the mail, shooting the breeze with Mike, in his kitchen with Arlene, and, of course, shooting the cannon):

And here’s the one of Tom using the cannon to…well, you don’t really need me to explain it:

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