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Shine Up Your Country

Recent Ray Wylie Hubbard discussion about the state of country music got me to thinking about something I wrote in Truck: A Love Story (Full disclosure: I once did a story for a men’s magazine in which I had my eyebrows plucked and got a spray tan, so I got no room to talk.) (Also, only reason I didn’t wax my abs is ’cause I got no abs.):

This new stuff suffers from overgrooming. Even the redneckiest tunes ring tinny. One sometimes fears the lyrics of the latest busted-heart song were transposed from a marriage encounter handbook. It isn’t that today’s superstars aren’t talented and hardworking. It’s just that their way of doing things has passed me by. I look at the pretty cowboy on the Jumbotron and think, It is one thing to polish your craft, it is quite another to wax your abs. Recipe for the real deal: Combine two parts busted heart with one part busted knuckles, sprinkle with cheap trucker speed and crushed Valium to taste, and marinate in hard luck and leaky motor oil. Stir in Genesis and Revelation, add a dash of hope, and finish off while being forcibly evicted from a hotel bar. Hello, Tanya Tucker.

COOP and TRUCK Now Available in Audiobook Format

Very happy to announce that the audiobook versions of Coop and Truck (both read by Mike) are now available from

Also happy to announce that the audiobook version of Coop is available from iTunes. HOWEVER: The version of TRUCK that is on iTunes is NOT narrated by me…this is due to a mixup too labyrinthine to explain and is currently being rectified (nothing nefarious, the voice talent is a great guy, this had to do with miscommunication). When the proper version is posted, we’ll link, you bet.

If you still prefer your audiobooks on CD, hang in there, they’re in the hopper.

Quality Acquaintances

Included in the pleasures of quality acquaintances are the gifts they give (this from an erudite barkeep):