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Whether I Need It Or Not

Email subject line that failed to sway me today: Hey Good Lookin’–Get a FREE Citrus Body Cleansing Gel!

Tree Tweet

Easy to be angry at a tree, harder to understand why. #LowLimbHeadBonk #LizardBrain

When You Don’t Pay the Rent

Your website could end up cat-egorized under “Cat Hair Balls”:

Domain Renew jpg

Thanks Mom, for letting me know. A paperwork oversight, centered mainly on, um, me.

Chain, Chain, Chain…

After my last snowplowing episode I bought chains. The good news? They work great (as the photo below indicates) (and thanks, patient local parts store guys who helped me order them). The bad news? They come in a rinky-dink plastic case with little plastic tabs that refuse to open in, umm, cold weather, effectively locking them away no matter how you pray or pry. Until finally, with the kids already late for school and the driveway still impassable, you raise the whole works high above your head, and with all the rage you can muster, you go into gorilla slam-dunk mode and…well, see the second photo, which was actually taken prior to the first.



The Dangers of Recycling

Started the day by doing the turtle-flop into a puddle of freezing rain while unloading green bins of tin cans.

Subsequently re-started the day.