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Trying Out A New Song

During last week’s show in Oshkosh we tried out a new song. I think this was only the second time we’d played it in public. I started writing it two years ago in a motel room at the edge of Bayfield, Wisconsin, thus the Hayward and Trego references.

Here’s an unmixed rough recording of the performance. My favorite part? Listen how the band carefully carries me through the bits we’re still working out. Especially on final chorus where you can hear Chris counting for me. Makes me grin. They’re good and I’m lucky to have them.

I’ve got most of the songs for the next album written, it’s just a matter of finding time to get back in the studio. Workin’ on that.

More Long Beds music here.

Somewhere Out In Mudbrook – LIVE

Michael Perry and the Long Beds performing “Somewhere Out in Mudbrook” from the “Headwinded” album. Guitarist Chris Ramey drives a Subaru, thus the laugh. ALSO INCLUDED: A recitation featuring a rooster named Knuckles, gratuitous NPR reference, and a BONUS BANJO JOKE.

UPDATE: We’ve received questions, so here’s the deal: That thing Andy Dee (longtime friend and guest Long Bed…you can hear his work on Tiny Pilot) is playing on his lap is an acoustic Hawaiian steel guitar based on the Weissenborn instruments from the 1920s and ’30s. The most important feature of the Weissenborn instruments is the hollow neck, which adds to the volume and tone. The entire body of the instrument is one big sound chamber. Andy’s instrument has a deeper body than the original Weissenborns, so the bass frequencies are more pronounced.

Long Beds at the Fair

Took time out from the Visiting Tom book tour (dates and itinerary here) to meet up with the Long Beds and play our music at the Oconto County Fair. Classic deal: It was hot and dusty and we played between the horse pull and the demolition derby. If that ain’t country…

Mary Cutrufello joined us for this one. She’d never seen a horse pull. She put up a video here.

Thank you to the librarians who organized the whole thing – one of them has a photo gallery from the day right here. My favorite thing? The thank you banner at the back of the stage.

Long Beds/QuinnElizabeth footage

Man. Going through some old half-finished blog posts and came across this review of the Long Beds and me playing in 2009. You remember 2009? There’s a video clip, too, featuring a great fiddle (red hot electric violin, to be specific) solo by Molly. Molly will be joining us at the Big Top in September.

The thing is, I was sick as a dang dog that night.

Book tour is dominating these days but the band and I are playing one show soon. We’re proud to say we’ll be joined by Mary Cutrufello for that one.