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Chicken Business

Was up until after midnight constructing enclosed chicken ramp (long story, part of perpetually evolving poultry master plan, stage eleventeen) when at 1 a.m. it struck me that I should today re-draw attention to the fact that crisp new signed hardcover editions of COOP (not Co-op, although that’s fine too) are on sale for same price as paperbacks. Just look here.

“Roughneck Grace” Pigs, Cosmos, and Victoria’s Secret Column Online

Every week the Wisconsin State Journal runs “Roughneck Grace,” a weekly column written by Mike (many of the columns will be adapted from Mike’s Tent Show Radio monologues). Today’s column (about achieving inner peace via pigs, the cosmos, and Victoria’s Secret) was printed on sturdy newsprint this Sunday and can now be seen online here.

Enhance Your Reading Experience

If ever I needed more proof that I stand with one foot in the literary world and the other in the pig pen, this email removes all doubt:

My wife Amy is currently reading Coop.  On the way back to St. Paul from visiting my mom in Bloomer, she was reading in the car about one of your trips to Farm & Fleet and specifically about the salt blocks.  Since she grew up “in town” in Lake City, MN, she previously had no idea what a salt block was.  We had already planned on stopping at Fleet Farm in Menomonie, since it was “on the way” because I was out of peanuts.  Fleet Farm Virginia peanuts are the best peanuts I have tasted (much better than Fishers or Planters) and I highly recommend them.  So while we were there, I took her to the Farm aisle so she could touch a salt block (she did not lick it though).  She was surprised at how smooth it was.   I also pointed out the milk replacer and alfalfa cubes.

This little field trip definitely enhanced her reading experience.


Lock and Load

This morning there was a fox guarding the henhouse. Literally, not metaphorically. May have to take non-metaphoric measures.