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I’d Say This is About Right

Especially the take on “Beth/Rest.” Sometimes a beautiful song is just a beautiful song.* Get too wound up in postmodern ironically-detached hipster deconstruction coolism and pretty soon yer chewin’ yer own tail.

*Our four-year-old favors “Michicant” because that’s the one with the bicycle-bell (Chinese bells, I’m told, but around here, it’s a bicycle bell).


Deer Hunting For Your Soul

Bon Iver Set List, State Theater, 12.22.2008

This post is in response to a request from Brendon over there on the Facebook page:

Hey Mike, where can I find a copy of that reading you read at the Eau Claire Bon Iver concert? It seems like pieces of it are in Truck, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the same … Afterall, gun deer’s right around the corner.

OK, Brendon, her goes (and yah, there are some riffs from Truck and elsewhere): (more…)

Working for John Prine

Every since I was introduced to his music on a cassette in a boombox played by my friend Gene in a basement while playing darts (follow that?), John Prine has been a leading literary influence (yep, literary – musical of course, but primarily literary) on my writing.

Yesterday, Oh Boy Records released “Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows,” a tribute album on which a wide array of artists honor Prine by covering his songs.  The first song on the album is “Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow)” covered by friendly neighbor Justin Vernon of Bon Iver.

I have never met John Prine, but it is among one of the more unexpected honors of my haphazard life that I was invited to collaborate with Justin on the liner notes for the album.  The final revisions were completed at my desk, but I marked up the rough draft while sitting in a deer stand.

Thanks, Justin.  And thank you, Mister Prine.

I previously posted about Prine performing a song from the album on David Letterman.

Homeboy Harmonies

After I put up this post, a few folks asked about the harmonies on the title song from the Tiny Pilot album.  Most were supplied by Long Beds guitarist, keyboardist, and resident crooner extraordinaire Chris Ramey, who does not always croon.  As for the haunting vocals heard just behind the lines, “Tell me little mother’s son” and “Oh, this short, sharp life,” they were provided by friend, neighbor, and Long Beds guitarist emeritus Justin Vernon, who these days works on some side projects.

Listen: Tiny Pilot – Tiny Pilot

In David Letterman’s Hands

On June 22, Oh Boy Records will be releasing Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine.  I had a tiny part in the project, collaborating on the liner notes with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver.  So when I saw the video below, I admit I got a little thrill knowing that the cardboard Dave was holding in his hands had our names on it.

I’ll have more on the details of the album and the liner notes nearer the release date.


Dew still on the grass before breakfast as 9-year-old and I fed ducks, meat chicks, laying hens, layer chicks, and a couple of most irritating roosters.  Made some new portable poultry panels of which I am inordinately proud.  Couple of tweaks to the pig pen today, pending arrival of porcine boarders tomorrow.  But for now, weeks of paperwork and office things to catch up on indoors, also one is reminded that one has new writing deadlines.  Work.  Glad to have it.

Also.  We had a wonderful time dancing with these folks this weekend.  Dances even a concrete-block-footed clunker like me can do.  Got to dance in an old haymow with my wife and both of my daughters in the company of many friendly faces.  As I wrote in Truck, the Ducks played on our farm the night before our wedding.

And hey — we continue to be proud of this homegrown pal.

Bon Iver Bonaroo