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Striation and Pulse

Those northern lights last night. For those you pried the kids out of bed.

ReVisiting Tom

Throughout The Jesus Cow tour, folks have been asking about Tom from Visiting Tom. My younger daughter and I visited him just the other day. We had a good visit in the kitchen. He’s doing well. He misses Arlene. Both things at once.

I’ve never had someone capture my feelings about a book the way Dan Huiting did in this video (and that DeYarmond Edison soundtrack is so sweetly matched):

And then there was the time someone asked Tom to shoot their silo down:

Jesus Cow Oops

The first factual “oops!” (that I’m aware of) in the fictional Jesus Cow: an attentive Catholic reader points out that on p. 40 I refer to the Twelve Stations of the Cross, when in fact there are Fourteen. No idea how I muffed that one (might I have overlooked a pink Post-It appended by my dear devout neighbor Ginny?). I’d like to blame it on bad math, but in fact I think I just brain-cramped. A special thanks to the reader, who submitted the correction in good humor and kind tones. Blessed are the gentle.

As is the policy here at Sneezing Cow, when I mess up I tag the post “oops!” so my stumbles and fumbles are available to the public in chronological order of their discovery.