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The Scavengers Halloween

Ford Falcon from "The Scavengers"

Halloween costume: Ford Falcon from “The Scavengers”

Among the many things I never expected in this life: Young readers* turning a character from one of my books into a Halloween costume. There are honors, and then there are honors–this is a Top Fiver. To those who took the time and made the effort (and to the parents who sent the photos and messages)…thank you.

*And no, not my own children, although perhaps I shoulda thought of that. My status in the world of children’s literature was pretty much summed up by my youngest dressing up as a Harry Potter character. Nice try, Dad.

Three Long, Three Short

Over there on Twitter, Isabel asks, what does 3 long 3 short mean in the scavengers?

In The Scavengers Maggie (Ford Falcon) whistles six times–three long whistles followed by three short whistles–whenever she needs to signal Toad or the members of her family.

Back when I was a boy, my grandfather used to whistle “three long, three short” whenever he got “turned around” (lost) while deer hunting. It became a family signal. I still honk the car horn “three long, three short” whenever we leave my parents’ farm.