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As often happens, my road schedule resulted in my missing a recent family get-together. This is a minor side effect in light of the gratitude I feel for all those who show up along “the road” and therefore allow me to write, talk, and sometimes sing for a living. It is even more minor when I consider those who serve in the military. That is germane in this case, because the family event was held to honor my cousin Steve, who served in the Marines for over 20 years. Some of you have heard me invoke Steve’s service (as well as that of his wife “Sukey,” as she too served in the Marines) at speaking engagements when trying to establish some perspective on how “hard” life on the road is, or isn’t. When I was finishing the book Truck, Steve and Sukey were in the midst of some of their most difficult deployments and I wrote briefly of them in Chapter 4.

I’ll stop yammering now, and, with thanks and respect, post the words Steve’s own family included in the invitation for the event I was unable to attend, as they say it best:

A man of principle, whose selfless service has made a difference in the lives of many; a man whose personal qualities of leadership, competence, and concern for Marines and their Families are of the highest standard.  Steve has shown all of us that if you keep your thoughts positive they will become your words.  If you keep your words positive they will become your behaviors.  If you keep your behaviors positive they become your habits, and your habits become values and your values become your destiny.  We Salute Major Steven L. Craig, for his more than Twenty Years of Loyal and Dedicated Service to the Marines, the Mission and the United States of America!

Thank you, Steve.

Minneapolis, Nightfall

Thing is, your country boy nonetheless loves to write in the rainy city as darkness falls and the taillights slide past, shiny on the slick.

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Dubuque in the Rear-View Mirror

Thank you Dubuque. A warehouse full of art and laughter and music…the perfect wrap for book tour. Gratitude for all who worked toward and supported my visit. Homebound.